Eyelash Extentions

Smooth Operations is now offering a spectacular new procedure in Beauty Enhancement!

Melanie Kessler is a certified Eyelash Extensionist, trained by Debra Kontos through NovaLash Corporation of Houston Texas

The Novalash technology allows clients to experience something never available before now; semi-permanent, individual lash extensions. While there are related products on the market that offer a temporary effect, NovaLash individual eyelash extension technique can last up to two months when applied properly.

High-gloss NovaLash synthetic lash extensions come in different lengths, varying from 6 to 12 mm.

The lashes closely mimic the natural shape and curve of your own lash. The unique fabrication method employed ensured exceptional shine throughout the length of the extension. Novalash lashes will not weigh down your natural lashes or cause them to fall out prematurely. Unlike mascara, Novalash extensions won’t clump, smear, cluster or cause allergies. So feel free to go swimming, surfing, or sun bathing, all without the worrying about losing your fabulous new look.

To date NovaLash is the only company to develop medical-grade adhesive in the United States designed specifically for the lash extension procedure. The lash adhesive used by NovaLash professionals is guaranteed to contain no appreciable amounts of formaldehyde.

Good Candidates:

People in the entertainment industry
People with cosmetic allergies
People with short or thin lashes

Poor Candidates:

People with alopecia
Cancer Patients (chemotherapy)
People with eyelash loss problems (skin diseases or infections, metabolic or endocrine disorders, trauma or drug effects)

After care instructions will be provided with consultations.


We will need to take a credit card prior to ALL Extension appointment, and that any NO SHOWS will be charged 50% of the service price.